Submitting Invoices

Submitting An Invoice

If you have been asked to provide an invoice in order to get paid for your gig, follow these simple instructions to avoid delays.

Your Invoice Must Include The Following


Your Full Name

Your Address

Date Of Performance

Item: “Live Music Performance”

Venue Name

Fee Owed £

“I am responsable for my own tax and National Insurance contributions”

Payment Details

Your Name

Account Number

Sort Code


What Next

Email your invoice as an attachment (PDF or doc) or within the email to

Feel free to send your invoice before the gig. If you have other work with us the same week we’d prefer you put it all on one sheet.

Please Note: Need Music Ltd is not responsible if you submit the wrong bank details.

When Will I Get Paid

You should ask at the time of booking about payment terms. Some venues pay cash on the night, others can take several weeks to come through.