Emma Robson | Acoustic Covers

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Pub | Wedding | Restaurant | Engagement

Emma was our most booked act of August 2023! ★★★★★

Emma, an accomplished singer and guitarist, offers a versatile repertoire of hit songs sure to delight your guests. Whether you’re seeking a laid-back ambiance for relaxed evenings or a more energetic atmosphere perfect for Friday night pub-goers, Emma delivers with finesse.

With her captivating voice and dynamic performance style, Emma ensures an unforgettable experience for your guests, making her the ideal choice to elevate the ambiance of your pub or restaurant.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many songs will this act play?

This act typically plays 2 x 45 minutes of songs with a short break in the middle. Expect 18-20 songs. If discussed in advance they can play longer for an extra charge.

What songs will this act perform?

The act will pick songs from their repertoire that they feel are appropriate for the crowd and atmosphere at the time. Check out their set list for an example of what to expect.

Do I need to supply any equipment?

No, this act will bring all their own equipment – you just need to provide a power socket.

Can the musician perform outdoors?

Yes, as long as it has been discussed in advance and you provide adequate shelter in case of bad weather.

Can I book this act for my wedding?

Yes, this act is available to hire for your wedding music entertainment. They can also provide wedding music for walking down the aisle to. 

Can I book this act for my venue?

Yes, this act is available to hire for your pub, bar or restaurant. They can also tailor their songs to match and enhance the ambience of your establishment.

Here are some songs you can expect to hear when booking this act.