We have a wide range of live singers for hire for any occasion. Whether you are looking for one to provide a relaxing background atmosphere over dinner, one to create a specific vibe such as jazz, or just an upbeat singer that can provide you with well known hits, we have someone for every scenario.

Giorgia Mel | Acoustic Duo

With an outstanding voice and an incredible set list, Giorgia will be the ideal finishing touch that makes your event just that extra special.

Dave Red | Wedding Singer

Dave Red can rock any crowd and get everyone up and dancing. He does it week in and week out.

Ana Munoz | Acoustic Duo

The Ana Muñoz Duo play across the North East, from Amble to Northallerton. So if you're looking for a North East live duo check out their video below and see if they are the act for you!

Stephen Wilson | Wedding Singer

Stephen Wilson is a vocalist and acoustic guitarist based Co Durham.

Kirsty | wedding Singer

Kirsty Forster Project perform a wide range of popular covers that will get you dancing all night. From pop, rock and soul to jazz swing and blues, Kirsty Forster Project are perfect for any party or occasion!

Aimee " Wedding Singer

Aimee's soft tones really give her a unique and special voice. Although gentle, she can reach a large audience with her captivating notes and her uplifting, contemporary songs.

Stephen M | Wedding Singer

Stephen is a male guitar vocalist from County Durham playing a mix of rock and pop covers.

Simma | Guitar Vocalist

Simma has been building a loyal following since 1997 as a solo acoustic artist.

An all-round entertainer suitable for all occassions.

Conor | Wedding Singer

Conor is a Newcastle Wedding & Pub Singer who plays contemporary acoustic-pop.

Annabel | Guitar & Vocals

A great female guitar vocalist from the North East who has been playing the guitar for over ten years, and plays a range of popular covers.

Rhiannon | Guitar & Vocals

Classically trained in singing for 10 years, Rhiannon Soulsby has a fantastic voice, singing very chilled acoustic pop covers.

Drew | Piano. Guitar & Vocals

Playing a mix of popular classic songs from 1960s to 2000s on acoustic guitar & piano.

He can be accompanied by backing tracks for a more upbeat vibe!

Cameron | Guitar & Vocals

Cameron is an experienced and qualified musician that plays acoustic covers of famous songs from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s through to contemporary modern day music.

Gary | Guitar & Vocals

Looking for a musician for hire in Newcastle? Gary Spalding is a North East born performer who plays great covers of popular tunes.

Brighter Side | Guitar & Vocals

Combining a great female vocal with expert guitar-playing, this duo are perfect for creating a vibrant atmosphere at your event.

Phil | Guitar & Vocals

Phil Short is a London-born performer who plays popular covers. With sounds ranging from melodic folk, pop and jazz inspired music through to livelier rock, blues and soul, Phil's repertoire makes him perfect for any occasion.

John | Guitar & Vocals

John is an experienced guitarist/vocalist with an engaging stage presence, fantastic voice and a setlist that ranges across the musical spectrum.

With one foot firmly in crowd-pleasing classic rock and pop tunes, John’s repertoire covers everything from  80’s favourites, 70’s standards, iconic tracks from the 90’s and 00’s, and even chilled-out heavy metal anthems, Disney classics and 80’s TV theme tunes.

Hayley | Guitar & Vocals

Hayley is a singer-songwriter from Northumberland with a special interest in country music - although she loves all genres! Her voice gets likened to Taylor Swift with a bit of Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin thrown one for good measure. Hayley plays guitar (6 and 12 string) and has experience in performing arts.

Callum | Guitar & Vocals

Callum has a repertoire ranging from the 1950's to modern pop, chilled and upbeat.

He is suited to most occasions from small pubs to big weddings and everything inbetween.

Jack | Guitar Vocalist

As an acoustic guitarist and vocalist also available as a band, Jack C is suitable for a wide range of occasions.

Veneer | Acoustic Duo

North Tyneside acoustic duo providing a big mix of classic covers.

Sam | Guitar & Vocals

Sam is a young rising star on the North East music scene, boasting a setlist of songs both old & new.

Danny | Guitar & Vocals

Danny is an experienced musician who has been playing all types of music for over 25 years.

He uses loop pedals live to create added rhythm, melody and harmony, to make for a truly memorable and uplifting performance, for any occasion.

Lee | Guitar & Vocals

Live acoustic music to suit any occasion. John Ledgend to Prince. Stereophonics to the Sweet!

Kieran | Guitar & Vocals

Kieran is a great act if you're looking for a professional male acoustic singer in Newcastle upon Tyne.