Tynemouth Live Music Guide

Here at Need Music HQ we’re grateful to be able to work with some great venues situated in Tynemouth on a weekly basis.

There’s plenty of live music happening – you just need to know where to go…and on what day! Check out our diary below for all the info you need for having a great night out in Tynemouth.

The main venue we work with is Head Of Steam, which is located on Front Street. It is famous for craft & cask ales, and you can see live music here every other Sunday from 4-8pm. They also have a buskers night on the last Tuesday of the month hosted by Stephen Wilson

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And if you’re staying out past 8pm on a Sunday, get yourself into The Salutation, where we have a different musician from 8-10pm each week. This pub is newly refurbished and always has a buzzing vibe!

Another bustling pub on a weekend is The Priory who have live acoustic music from Thursday through to Sunday. This place serves great food, and the front terrace always seems to catch the sun.

If you’re looking for bands then we recommend the Surf Cafe. Located on the sea front this is a small independent venue which has a mix of local and touring acts on most weekends. Whereas the other venues mentioned are all free entry, this venue tends to host ticketed events, so make sure to check here first. 

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One of Tynemouth’s biggest events in the calendar is The Food Festival, which is run annually in May. Need Music host the live music in the beer tent, which this year falls on Sat 12 & Sun 13 May. For more details check out their website here.

Also, if you’re a venue in Tynemouth that’s looking for some great live acoustic music, get in touch with us! We’re always looking to expand our network.

Take a look at some of the amazing artists we have on our roster here.


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