It’s not every day you book a live musician, so let us make it thing s a bit easier with some common questions answered for you  below.

Our singers bring all their own equipment, and typically play for 2 x 45 minutes with a 15 minute break..

Does the musician bring their own equipment?

Yes, unless otherwise specified, the musician will bring everything they need to perform, including instruments, speakers and microphones. You just need to provide an electric socket at the ‘performance area”.

How many songs will they sing?

Singers and bands will typically play 2 x 45 minutes of music, with a short break in-between – usually 15-30 mins. They can play longer sets and take longer breaks for an additional fee to suit your event however.

What time will the musician arrive?

Solo acts usually only need 20-30 minutes to set up, so don’t be alarmed if they haven’t turned up an hour before they are due to start – this is normal! However, if it is a wedding or corporate event they will be advised to arrive earlier to make sure everything is in place for the start.

Bands and DJs will need more time – at least 1 hour to get ready.

If you have an act booked for your venue please mark the performance area as “Reserved” at least one hour before the start.

What songs will the act perform?

You should leave it up to the individual act to play the songs they choose. They know how to read a room, and know which songs will be most enjoyable for your guests. Likelihood is your customers will request songs which is usually well-received and the act will do their best to perform requested songs.

Can the singer play outdoors?

As long as there is sufficient cover (such as a marquee), our singers are more than happy to set  up outside. Please mention this at the time of booking.

What if our singer cancels?

In the unlikely situation that the singer cancels for whatever reason, you don’t want the stress of trying to find a replacement on the eve of your event!

That’s where we step in – and priorities finding a replacement act for you. It doesn’t happen often, but singers can lose their voices on the day of the gig and it cannot be helped.

Can we use the singer’s equipment for speeches? or other performers?

No, you would need to ask in advance if you require the use of the musician’s equipment. Alternatively we can provide audio hire for anything else required, such as for background music before the act arrives.